About us

Our company

One Call Real Estate Limited is based in Trinidad, W.I. We offer a large inventory of properties throughout the Caribbean. We specialize in the sale and rental of Residential, Commercial and Agricultural properties. Our clients consist of citizens of Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean as well as International clients. Our services extend to individuals and families, as well as corporations in the Business and Energy Industry, Embassies and Consulates. We assist corporations with the relocation of their workforce in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. Our Goal is to take the stress out of relocating, whether renting or purchasing a property, and to ensure that our clients are comfortable with their new home or office environment. This service is FREE to our clients looking for a property.

Our Vision

One Call Real Estate is not just about locating properties for our clients, we provide the most excellent service and offer support from start to completion. We guide clients on market value and best location, with an emphasis on suitability, comfort and security. One Call Real Estate is a member of the Real Estate Network (1,000+ Realtors); as such, every Property on the market is Available to us, therefore Available to our clients, and information on our Inventory is Available to the real estate Network, offering maximum exposure. We are registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Trinidad and Tobago. One Call Real Estate is the only real estate company that advocates Pet Friendly properties, where Pets are treated as Family.

Our Team